The New (Summer) Normal

Day 2, and I am not looking for a bridge to jump off of! So, good news. Last week's constant tantrums, hunger strikes, and fighting seem to be a thing of the past. Even Little Man is back to taking his full nap.

This is delightful, because while it is still going to be a long summer, I can handle this kind of hard vs. last week's IMPOSSIBLE.

We've developed a new schedule to give the kids some much-needed structure to each day. (I miss preschool SO MUCH)

8:00- wake up. (somehow we've transitioned to a later wake up from being sick? I'll take it over 6:30)

Eat breakfast and play while Mommy watches a quick House Hunters episode or the news & weather. (I am a slow waker, it takes a few moments for me to fire on all cylinders)

9:00-ish- chore time! This is a new revelation: my kids are roughly old enough to handle a few light chores. IT. IS. GLORIOUS.
They can dust, fold a few towels, make their beds, windex their mirrored closet doors. It's great. My mind is constantly trying to think of new chores they are able to do. It makes me all giddy just thinking about the possibility of someday having THEM do the dishes.

Squirt dusting the floors in preparation for me to mop them during naptime later today.

Then they play w/ toys upstairs while Mommy gets ready for the day.

10:00- watch Sesame Street. A little TV every day has become vital to our existence. Even Little Man likes Sesame Street. Having all three in one room, not fighting with each other, or getting into trouble is heaven. In fact, it is allowing me to write this very post. (and the peasants rejoice)

Some days I will also squeeze a little craft time in before lunch.

11:30- lunch (I will lord the post-nap activity over them as incentive to eat the entire meal)

1:00- naptime

3:30/4:00- wake up

Some sort of fun activity. Yesterday was swimming at Grandma's. I am still scrambling to come up with today's exciting outing. Maybe park?

5:00- dinner

7:00- Little Man's bedtime (during which the girls get to play boardgames or watch a movie)

8:00- Girl's bedtime

Then I collapse in a heap of exhaustion on the couch until dragging my body upstairs and into bed.

Yay summertime.

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  1. I'm scraping my jaw off the desk at the length of those naps.