Summer Approacheth

We are in the last two weeks of preschool. So naturally, I am freaking the freak out about the long, boring, hotter than hot, stretch of summer we're staring at.

While I have been doing some substantial hand-wringing about preschool- I've decided splitting them up will be the best course of action.

The girl's main issues seem to stem from THE FAIRNESS of it all. They cling to each other not out of shyness, or using sister as a crutch. (at least this is "my" interpretation of their behavior) They are more concerned with "what is my twin doing? And is it 'better' than what I'm doing right now?" Preschool has noticed this and has adjusted accordingly to work with them on this, having each girl at different activity tables; From what I hear, progress is coming along nicely. However the minute they are out of preschool, the surveying of the other's work begins, as does the whining: "I didn't get to paint!" "Hey, I didn't make an insect hat!" "Well I didn't...!"

This is the same reason the twins are dressed identically. (stop eyeing me judgmentally all you "let-the-children-express-themselves-people)

So separate kindergarten classes? May be just what the twins need.

There is the still the problem of MAKING THROUGH THE SUMMER until Kindergarten begins. (and I can breathe a sigh of relief with just wrangling one child for a couple hours- oh, the anticipation!)

This is where Pinterest has come in. (how did anyone do ANYTHING before Pinterest?! Also, when will spellcheck start acknowledging "Pinterest" as a "word," already?!)

I will be immersing our household in various preschool-esque (mostly indoor) activities- having had a lack of foresight to thoughtfully plan out anything ahead of time for summer, so obviously everything is already booked.

Sight word practice pages:

Squirt gun fun:

PVC funhouse:

Diy Rock Candy:

We'll pretty much be exhausting every option from my Crafts for the Kids pinboard. The rest of the time will probably be spent in my parent's pool. Good luck to us all this summer!

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