Girls and Long Shorts

Big News: The Children's Place "slim" sizes fit my bean-pole little girls. So... hallelujah, the search for clothes that fit is OVER. Let us all rejoice.

Plus? Little girls in bermuda shorts = the cutest sight of all time.

Happy day. 

As an aside: You may have noticed that I am less... disgruntled as of late? That is because things have finally "settled down," which was not something I thought could ever be possible. And that makes me less likely to flip off other drivers in parking lots. (that's a plus!) Life is actually -dare I say it- MELLOWED out. Not to say every moment is sunshine and roses. Just as a whole, I am less at the precipice of constant meltdown. (and less admissible to the psych ward) 

While I am trying to avoid being obnoxious about it; I am genuinely content. 

(gold star for me)

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