Dusting Off The Degree

So I am shooting a wedding this weekend and next. I assure you, I am properly terrified. Because a) I'm using a borrowed camera (the relationship between photographer and camera cannot be rushed) b) I am unfamiliar with the location, and lastly c) I have not done a wedding- or any other professional photo job- in 8+ years.

You see, while I was in college I had a weekend job (aside from my part time day job) a job that is "very Vegas." I was a wedding photographer for a Las Vegas wedding chapel on the strip. Naturally. What better job for a young student taking photo courses? (as part of an Art Degree) I learned a lot at that job. I did a ton of weddings each day- something like 10-15? What was tough about the job was that I never got to see the finished product- the couples would pick up their pictures from the photo lab on Sunday( I never worked Sundays) I hope the newlyweds were always pleased!

"Technically" I am supposed to have all the skills I need to take perfectly lovely pictures of this couple. Except that, well... I mostly forgot everything I ever learned. It is not like riding a bike- I have become VERY rusty. I have forgotten entirely what the Fstop does, or ISO means... something? I know it's important. But my brain just refuses to cough up the information. (yes, I know- I will eventually Google it and hope it sets in) Still. It's like trying to remember the exact pair of socks you wore on your first day of 6th grade; it just isn't gonna happen.

Before you start freaking out with me- I am not charging for my services on this wedding. Mostly because I do not want this sweet couple to have ANY expectations WHATSOEVER. I could not accept compensation of any sort for something I'm not entirely sure I can pull out of my very dusty hat of tricks. I'm a last minute pinch-hitter anyway. If all else fails, I may just whip out the tiny point-and-shoot from my purse that I can pry gorgeous images out of on a daily basis.

This has all lead me to a rather depressing conclusion; I spent inordinate amounts of time and money attaining this college degree- and I have very little to show for it other than the piece of paper it's printed on and the student loans I'm still paying off.


The lesson of this story, kids: Do not get a degree in an industry that changes quickly.

(My entire education was built around cameras that used actual film, and one of the first versions of Photoshop. The Mac I used was the huge bubble monitor that came in all sorts of colors- mine was blue, and yes I had to get that link from a site called "Vintage Computing & Gaming")

Wish me luck!

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  1. and you NAILED it:) seriously the images are GORGEOUS!!!! You've got this babe!!! cannot thank you enough I am having a super hard time picking one to blow up- I may wallpaper the room with their pics- and yep- the film days- when we didn't know any idea what pics ould look like... haha