Waiting on Stuff I Forgot

The other day I was kind of wondering to myself:

Self? Whatever happened to the MRI I was supposed to get? The doctor agreed it was necessary... and then I never heard anything about it, started moving, and forgot about it entirely. (except when I would have a migraine, I would curse the not-having-an-MRI)

It was then I started putting the pieces together: The doctor wrote up an order, and I proceeded to WALK OUT OF HER OFFICE.

There is probably a piece of paper somewhere I was supposed to take from her to schedule the test. And maybe it is just sitting in a file somewhere? And I'm going to have to sheepishly call the office about it.

Testament to the fact that SOMEONE needs to take a peek at my (probably ill-working) brain?


1 comment:

  1. Ugh! As a fellow migraine sufferer, I feel your pain! Go get it done! At least you can eliminate causes that way. Good luck!