Instead of Blogging, I Was Unpacking

Sorry about all that awkward silence. Moving; need I say more? I also have to make this quick because while I have this millisecond of "spare" time, I should probably be using it more wisely by dragging in another box from the garage and shoving the contents into this new house.

Maybe bullet points would be better suited for the occasion?

- Love the new house. It has only been a few days, but I have not regretted the decision one iota. That's a good sign, so much so I unpacked some of the more "unused" items we received from our wedding. This means we are staying put for a good, long while.

- Within new backyard a curious little bush/tree is growing:

It seems we may soon be harvesting a pomegranate crop... which is super exciting. 

Having no idea if they've been properly taken care of, they may not turn out well. Or we may be up to our knees in extra pomegranates. The suspense! 

- I am worried that I am in the beginning stages of becoming a hoarder. Perhaps everyone has this same thought in the midst of a move? Instead of boxing everything up, I made a concerted effort to sort through everything and weed out stuff I was just "holding onto." This made for a hilarious afternoon of looking through a filing bin we'd compiled since the beginning of our marriage. (Papers need to be saved now that we are MARRIED!) Oh my, the things we have been carting around unnecessarily! I seriously kept every page of every rental application for the early apartment years. I have reams of paper from an offer on a house we made 5 years ago that we didn't end up buying. I have each and every report card from my college years:

I was rocking 2001. 
(I kept all the report cards, threw out all the rest) 

- Oh, and did I mention that we all got sick during the move? The night before the movers arrived, Bunny went to bed and asked that a bucket be brought along. (because she warned us she was going to throw up) STOP THE MADNESS! 

... luckily she did not, and the move went on as planned. 

At first I thought I was just exhausted from all the commotion. (plausible!) I soon acquiesced that I had come down with a cold. Misery. And unpacking. 

Good night!


  1. pics of new house soon?

    Because I am seriously coveting some digs of my own (with surprise pomegranite plants?! Please!) - and we may be moving to a VERY different place VERY soon - and I need some mental reinforcements that it can be done with tiny people and sanity intact.

  2. Glad you are liking the new place. Sometimes I get the urge to move just so I have motivation to clean out all the wayward cabinets and drawers. Perhaps this is a sign I should just DO it, without an impending move!

    Can you email me your new address? It's my turn to send YOU something!

  3. You've moved? I'm seriously out of the loop. Glad you like the new place!