An Eyeroll to my Former Self

Whilst packing up our life, I came across this one random card. (I do not keep cards... like ever, so this one is especially important- my apologies to those who send me cards, I do recycle them though!)

It is my first Mother's Day card:

... and it is from my dog.

The Husband surprised me eight years ago with this little card. We had no kids, too many jobs, student loans, and had just welcomed a new puppy into our house. We felt so grown up. 

I can't help but chuckle a little bit at how ridiculous (and naive) we were about the whole thing. It was a big step for us, as newlyweds, to get a dog. Clearly, we took ourselves far too seriously at the time. HOW EMBARRASSING.

It should also be noted that The Husband and I celebrated our nine year anniversary this month; Go us. 

It's fun to think about those two crazy kids that we once were. 

Oh, the embarrassment is never ending.

(It should also be noted that I had to use a SCANNER to get that picture... because when I got married digital cameras cost a trillion dollars and not commonly used by wedding photographers) 

My, how times have changed. These days an embarrassing picture would be one of my son wearing gigantic Hello Kitty sunglasses, pb&j all over his face, and crazy hair: 

There was just no telling how much better life could possibly turn out. I do love the dogs- enough to keep them in our house even though they regularly pee on the kid's toys- but I love THOSE THREE (even the two in the back- how much do you adore those ruffle swimsuits?) so much more. 

We're just not a family without them.


  1. Too funny! We were such 'dog people', until A & M came along and our life changed drastically. It was hard, but we eventually had to let our dogs go...they were rough, hairy, and always escaping from the backyard. It just wasn't fair to them. How things change, right?

    Love that wedding picture! : )

  2. YAY!!! ANd happy anniversary!! WAHOO!!!! So true- them kiddos make life worth it- even when we want to pull our hair out...