High on Life (but mostly sugar)

Prior to Easter, the girls had been constantly asking random questions like: "is the Easter Bunny a boy, or a girl?" (good question?) and "does the Easter Bunny walk, or hop?" along with "where does the Easter Bunny live?" (the answer of 'a tunnel in the ground' was only more confusing) and my personal favorite: "is the Easter Bunny pretend?" 

Obviously, the kids had put a lot of thought into Easter... and candy... and baskets full of toys. It was no surprise they were properly excited come Easter morning. Then it just got better at Grandma and Papa's house as the egg hunt commenced: 

While the girls were rabid over finding treat-filled eggs, Little Man was more interested in things like pinwheels

... and sweeping the grass.

And nobody liked the idea of a nice group shot before the highly anticipated hunt: 


It was still a great day, sugar-comas and all.


In other news I cut my hair, and got "highlights." Love the cut, hate the color. 

I feel like a bengal flipping tiger. (yes, I wore mah' pearls for Easter Sunday) 
The highlights are way too choppy and... ugly. I may be home-dying the whole thing later this week. 

This is a more accurate depiction of the craptastic color job: 

What do you say? Live with it and hope it fades with washing? Or gamble on a $6 box of color I pick up from Target? 


  1. No, I love the color! Adds a nice softness to the face. Just my opinion...

  2. DON'T BOX COLOR IT!!!!!!!! If you totally hate it, go get either MORE highlights (ask for a really fine weave) or more color put in. The color you have now WILL fade, but if you hate it now, you'll hate it even more in 2 weeks. Just my professional opinion! PS- I think the blonde highlights are pretty on you :)

  3. I kind of like the color, actually. However, if YOU are unhappy with it, then I'd call the salon and ask them to fix it for you. I've had haircuts fixed for free because I didn't like the result, and most salons would rather have a happy customer telling all her friends about how great they are than an unhappy customer doing the opposite.

    Cute kids :)

  4. I really like the haircut, and I don't think the highlights look bad from the pictures! I say give it a week or so, and if you still don't like the color, call the salon back. They will likely fix it.

    Glad y'all had a fun Easter!