The Dangers of House Hunting

This morning I went out to my first viewing of a potential new rental. Yes, I am picky, (thank you, Ms. Realtor for pointing that one out!) I have standards and would prefer not to live in squaller. (You know, life without granite countertops or something) The search including all of my criteria came up with just one (ONE!) listing. And there were no interior shots on the listing- aka: red flag. It was also a smidge bit over our budget. I use words like "budget" with air quotes, and The Husband rolls his eyes. Budgets are not my friend.

So anyway, I decided I should at least CHECK OUT this random listing. I did a driveby, assessed the neighborhood, and saw how close it was to the elementary school. (walking the kids to kindergarten?! SWOON) I pestered the poor chick at the management company to come over and open it up for me.

People! I was greeted with wall to wall MAUVE CARPETING! Having done my homework and knowing the home was built in 1999, I am surmising that everything in the house was ORIGINAL, builder grade nonsense. Pink carpets in every room but the kitchen, white tile countertops, (it is about now I am hearing just how annoying I must sound) brass cheap-y fixtures. As soon as I walked into the house I knew- NO GO! DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

I had THE HARDEST time quelling all the sarcastic laughter. This was priced WELL ABOVE the norm, (and that is why I expected some freaking granite and stainless steel) and yet! Here I stood, time warped back to the 90's.

I did feel bad for the property manager, driving all the way out for a showing. But really. She should have done her job and priced the home ACCORDINGLY. (And not have said things like "it's been kept so very well maintained!" EYEROLL. Replace the carpeting every decade or so)

The worst part was making the mistake of taking the children to this showing; Squirt peeked in one of the rooms, and with eyes all wide with childhood mirth asked "is this MY new room?!" Oh honey- dream bigger... although pink carpets may just be their idea of a "dream home" I suppose.

Oh, it was just... not the best way to start off the big home search. I am searching for a needle in a haystack. (I've been preparing myself for this) I just had no idea the haystack was full of mauve carpets. WHO LIVES LIKE THIS?

Side note: The owner is a single older MAN. With pink carpets... (and lots of old sci fi novels) clearly has overestimated the "value" of his "home."

I will cry if someone is willing to pay that much for that kind of house- as that would mean I am SCREWED.

So, onward! The next one can't possibly be any worse, right?


  1. Who ever thought that mauve on the floor was ever a good idea? Or Forest Green? Or Blue? Argh!

    Just a little tid bit... the Monsens are moving and are renting their house out. I don't know where or what you are interested in, but just thought I'd mention it. Besides, it is in my neighborhood and we could use some twin and little man cuteness this way! Haha!

  2. Thanks, Karin! The problem is that I have my heart set on a 4 bedroom ONE STORY... which are like unicorns out here apparently. Most of them are "older" homes with lots of questionable carpet color choices. (MINT GREEN!)

  3. Mint green? You could count dirt stains as choc chips! ;) Good luck finding the unicorn! If I hear of anything, I will let you know.