After Bedtime Calls

Some nights I will plop into my favorite chair after an exhausting day, having just put all the kids to bed, and my phone will ring. It is usually a good friend calling after her kids are put to bed as well.

I love friends like that.

This particular friend lives a couple states away, and we can chat until we take AT&T's network down. (if we don't have at least two dropped calls, it hasn't been a proper conversation)

Me: I'm tired of house hunting. It sucks.

Her: So you're still moving, huh?

Me: Yep. At some point.

Her: Do you have a date/place to move TO?

Me: Not really.

Her: Have you started packing?

Me: No. Not one bit.

Her: Then you aren't moving, are you?

Me: You got me there.

She can really put me in my place. Browsing homes on my computer does not a move make. Time to get serious... and start boxing crap up.

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