For Future Exploitation

Little Man loves to clean.

Like if he's bored... tired... upset that I won't give him yet another sippie? I can give him a wipe and he will proceed to wipe down everything in my house.

"I think the truck is very dirty" I will suggest. "I got it, Mama" he will answer as he toddles off to strip the truck of even the slightest hint of dirt.

How jealous are you right now? 


  1. I have one of those of my own :) Left to his own devices, he will sweep the floor or clean up his toys. In fact, it occurred to me the other day that his room is the cleanest in the house. I'm guessing it won't last!

  2. so utterly and completely and totally. Just this morning, I was begging (on my knees!) my children to PLEASE stop making messes JUST long enough for mommy to vacuum.

    I must try the wetwipe thing. I bet Daphne would shine the whole place up, and I could get back to my book. ;)