Look, Mom! No hands!

Dude, should we talk about the string of random calamities/stressful insanity that have befallen us here?

I would, except that I've been writing this post for about four days and have come up with nothing worth hitting the "publish" button. The highlights? We took a trip. It was rough, and lovely at the same time. Squirt projectile vomited in public and a million more times in the hotel. Little Man is pretty darned sick again, and we just today found a cough syrup that keeps him sleeping for any length of time. We are moving- but don't exactly know WHERE TO yet. I am having intense migraines and am going to have an MRI soon... because I demanded someone just TAKE A PEEK INSIDE MY BRAINS, PLEASE! (as it feels like they may explode)

That all sounds really woe-is-me. But I do not feel that way at the moment. Overwhelmed? Yes. But I am at least happy right now and hopeful about the future. Of course, in the future, I plan on everyone in this family NOT being ill for more than a couple days at a time- that madness must come to a prompt END.

Would you like to see the state of affairs in our playroom? (I see you, looking for something better to read over there!)

It is a messy disaster... and I am trying really hard not to care. 

Also, I heard "Look, Mommy! I have no hands!" So obviously I had to bring my camera...

Now I can feel better about reading everyone else's blog, because I have CONTRIBUTED TOO! So off I go to enjoy the kids' nap by... folding laundry?

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  1. you are amazing- and yeah I have YET to blog about the birth of our son so you win:) and you have tons goin on...