Valentines: Plan B

This week has taken a hard left turn- with 4/5 of this family getting sick. So the valentine prep? Fell by the wayside. Once I finally compiled the components for the teacher gifts, I realized a couple flaws with the idea of making a necklace into a bracelet. Can you tie a bow with one hand? No I can't either.

So I threw all the kids back into the car, returned most of the (unused) materials, and went to a great alternative that I already knew how to do: Wish Bead Bracelets.

I do hope the High School set thinks they are as cute as I do: 

Basically, you need some hemp. (I used 10lb. here, which I think may be a little thin. I've used 20lb. in the past and got more of a better look from it) And some beads. Oh, and maybe tape. That's it. Here's a short tutorial in case you're so compelled to make some for yourself. (or others!)

Cut three strips about 2-3 ft. long and tie them together with a knot at the top. Leave some allowance above the knot for tying onto wrists. Then tape the top to a solid surface for some resistance- I prefer to stick the knot under the legs of my heavy coffee table and braid while sitting on the floor. Either way. 

Then just braid normally a ways until you reach the middle of your bracelet. Thread a bead onto the middle string like so:

Then bring the left string around: 

Follow this trend and bring the right string around too. (essentially braiding the bead into the bracelet) Then what was the right string is now the middle string, so throw another bead on that puppy: 

Then I bet you know what we do next:

Good! Now wrap the right string around to make it the middle one again. Then bead it up!

And continue: 

Then tighten the beads up (not too tight, though!) and keep on with braiding until you've got enough for a wrist, or ankle, or cankle. 

I then cut a 2x6 piece of sparkly cardstock, made two little slices for each end of the bracelet to go through, and put a little explanation of the "wish beads" fun: 

I'm sure they could be gussied up a bit more, but I'm TIRED. And did I mention sick? And Valentine's Day is APPROACHING. So I threw this together, tossed them into a plastic Target bag and left them in the passenger's seat of my car so they'll be ready for preschool on Valentine's Day. 

Now off I go to make myself some homemade Reese's Eggs: 

Because I deserve it, yo.


  1. hey this bracelet looks super sexy andc ool

  2. totally making it dude love your pen

  3. I cant get the beads to stay in place...braiding loose or tight, they unfold and ruin the whole thing...?

  4. I cant get the beads to stay in place...braiding loose or tight, they unfold and ruin the whole thing...?