Feel Free To Talk Me Out of It

So Valentines. It should not be a particularly stressful holiday, right?

The other day the girls arrived home from preschool with a list, a list of kids in their class, for the Valentine's day party. There are 40 kids, not including my two. Plus 15 or so "teachers."
This is a tall order for just one kid. But two? That is 80 valentines and 30 teacher gifts. (math is never my friend) EIGHTY VALENTINES.

Not wanting to make the twins feel dismayed by their twin-ness, I opted to ensure they have their very own valentines. Those two darlings share a lot as it is. My first thought was to have the girls to the majority of the work; CRAFT TIME!

Ten seconds into it I realized something: I am a control-freak-perfectionist, and I was getting appallingly flustered when the girls would stamp in a "designated non-stamping" area. My face was going red when I would request they stamp "You're Sweet" on the right side of the heart, and Squirt would slam it down in the middle... THE MIDDLE!

Stamping privileges were immediately revoked. (there was lots of wailing and crying)

After spending my nightly "TV time" stamping and addressing 80 valentines, my next step is to purchase a large shaker of glitter. (this will not be difficult to procure, right?) In hopes that the girls will be able to glitter up these little hearts without much incident. (We shall see!)

Next! Onto teacher gifts!

I suppose I should explain the girls go to a not-your-typical-preschool. The main teacher- who we know quite well outside of preschool- is awesome. She is also in charge of teaching teenagers in a sort of "childhood development" class. So the teenage girls are whom I am aiming to please with the teacher gifts. I wanted to do something they would especially enjoy, as the twins L.O.V.E. these teenage girls.

Surfing through Pinterest, I have tentatively decided on this:

It seems easy enough- I'd make it into more of a bracelet size. The materials should be relatively inexpensive, and it seems like the kind of thing that these teachers would love; much better than a crappy heart shaped lollipop, right? 

In the interest of time (and my personal sanity) I don't think I will be making 30 of these. I'd have to just make 15 and divy them up between the twins to hand out, but I think the kids wouldn't object to it. (crossing fingers!) 

Man, sometimes it is easy to overlook the whole "two of everything" aspect that comes with twins. But it is these times, when I'm churning out eighty valentines, that I realize just how much work goes into having two kids at the same time... she says before realizing that next year not only will the twins be in need of valentines, but Little Man's preschool class will too! I take it back! This is not hard! (wince) 


  1. overachover:) and yes a joint gift from the girls to the teacher should be fine- and I will be the lazy mom who ends up buying a stack for $1 and staples a snickers to it...:)