A Tale of Two Bobs

As soon as the sun rised, I was pestered with questions of "we going to haircuts NOW?" by some very anxious five year olds. Shouldn't have divulged my plans ahead of time. But then again, it did get them into bed last night in a timely manner...

The girls were simply thrilled with the prospect of new hair. (short hair like the neighbor kid, Tabby)

Now usually I am a pleasant, very reasonable kind of customer. Yes, I hear you thinking "oh no, what now?!" I'm even a very patient person. (quit snickering back there) But something needs to be done about cheap hair cut joints and THE PHONE NUMBERS

The attendant asked it we'd been to this very particular Super Cuts, (or whatever, maybe Great Clips?) and why yes, we had. Many times! This is the only place that seems to not butcher the children's bangs. I gave them my phone number. No. They only had me in the system. And we were about to go through the whole type-in-everyone's-name-and-other non-essential-information into the computer. Again. In the five seconds we arrived, a line had formed behind us. (the me all alone with the three kids, one in a stroller...) I decided to make a THING of it at that point. And started being a "difficult customer." By asking if we NEEDED a phone number/computer record to get a ten dollar, five minute haircut. That is when the lady told me to "Calm down, Ma'am." CALM DOWN? I'm ASKING A QUESTION; Not screaming like a lunatic. 

Surprise, surprise, I got passed to a "manager." While the slew of people behind us started tapping their feet. I was mostly just in disbelief. Was this really a problem? 

Yes, yes it was. But "Fine, Ma'am. Just go sit down and we'll handle it." I saw manager whisper in a stylist's ear (I don't know if she picked the most gruff looking person there on PURPOSE or not) and he nodded and walked over to where I was corralling three very excitable children into the broken children's book area. 

So our hairstylist for the day? (and bear in mind I do not judge in the slightest- if it were MY hair, but let's remember we're cutting two extremely shy preschooler's hair here) Graphic tattoos up and down both arms and around the neck, skinny leather pants, big boots, some eyeliner, and huge black ear hole-spacer things... (what are they called?) In a word: kinda scary for little girls. 

Still, whatever... we're doing this. I've already "made a scene." 

While both girls shivered in fear through the entire process, and Little Man kept throwing every toy and snack on the floor in protest, things ended up ok. Amazing what you can get kids to do with the promise of a heart-shaped lollipop:



  1. well hair looks cute!! YAY!!! I'm lucky Aunt Jessica cuts hair and she is wonderful and sweet and loving and I am praying she will cut ms hailyn's hair dramam free- yes we've never had the first haircut thing- anyhow I hear ya- at least you got it done! next time call me i'll take little man so you only have to handle the girlies- and they look adorable!!!

  2. Precious! I love the bobs.

    My girls are getting their first real haircuts next weekend. I don't think I am going too short though, because they regularly request braids and might spazz if it was too short to braid!