Green On My Face

Man, I was really yelling at my keyboard yesterday. Reading back through it, I was supremely frustrated. But I'm sure the making soup in the toilet story will be one I will chuckle about through the years... perhaps even break out when the kids bring dates home to meet the parents. BAM! Didn't know your date had a penchant for sticking their hands in potty-water, did ya?! (me laughing hysterically over dinner)

And now that the toys are all bleached and everyone has had a thorough shower, I can feel better about things once more. For the record, the kids are less up to naughty business, and more being flat-out adorable for much of the time. (when they aren't sassing me)

And little brother smothering is also a big part of the day as well: 

Now that the kids have been properly vindicated. (but let's be clear: they DID play in the potty, leaving tiny bowls of toilet water scattered around the bathroom- they are guilty on that charge- they're just also cute) 

On to further business. I think I decided which way to go on the glasses. It was rather ridiculous, as when photographed each pair looked EXACTLY THE SAME. In person, I can tell the difference. However I don't think I like dark frames. My face needs something lighter. Dare I go with the bright green? Too quirky? 

Yes, obviously bad picture. But these are The Nedwin in Summer Green. Green can be a neutral, right?

Also- hair. I read an article about how a hairstyle can age a person. Each little paragraph sounded more and more like me. (very few people over 25 can pull off long hair?! EEEK!) So I'm chopping it off- going for this

The girls have also requested a change in hair, and I may just comply. Their long locks are getting smeared into plates full of pancake syrup quite often. Plus, they NEVER let me properly "do" their hair anyway. So I'm thinking of giving them each a chin-length bob- like what they naturally had back in the old days: 

Ah, potty training....

So tomorrow we will chop some locks!

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  1. Chop it!! Your hair, I mean :) You look SO good with shorter hair and that cut is super cute. If you get super gutsy, do the color too. You'd love it! AND, I love the green specs. Perfect on you.