The Napping Situation

Life has been relatively humdrum lately. Go to preschool, pick up from preschool, run errands, fix dinner. But we're on a verge of something big, and rather ominous: the end of naps.

The twins are five, and from what I've gathered this is usually the age when kids drop their naps naturally. The thought of having whole days uninterrupted by the blissful two hour quiet... well, that seems utterly un-natural! However, I believe conventional wisdom is right- the girls have outgrown their nap. They don't "need" it. No, I need it. A time when all three household hoodlums are relegated to their rooms and I have the luxury of folding laundry, washing dishes, mopping floors, and erm, blogging... un-"aided" by the ever-curious hands of the underage.

I've noticed in the past weeks the amount of activity sneakily being perpetrated upstairs has intensified. After The Incident, I'd been talking to the twins about the importance of "getting out of bed and going potty in the bathroom." This notion of absconding from bed without a parent present? It has proven to be quite irresistible to these little girls. (Can't believe we made it this long for the revelation to sink in) I've found Bunny sitting on the bathroom floor, the lights off, in the middle of naps. When asked what she was doing? "Um, I was bored."

The real curiosity that seems to pique their interest? Mommy's whereabouts during naptime. I suspect they assumed (and I may have told them this) that I was also sleeping. This is totally false, 100% of the time. So the question of "where is Mommy now?" is quite alluring to the five year old mind. Just a few minutes ago I heard a rattle at the gate. I knew it had to be one of the twins, so I suggested the perpetrator get back upstairs and into bed. I heard a "harumph," then a timid little voice asking "Mommy, are you watching shows?"

I refuse to incriminate myself. "None of your business, honey. Go back to sleep. Mama's busy."

Now I mourn the sudden passing of our lengthy stint of insured naptime relief. 'Twas nice knowing you, naps. It was a great five years.


  1. NAPS ARE ESSENTIAL!!! I say that as I ahem JUST woke up and Hailyn was up -poop accident:( so I change her and put her back to bed- my mom made us nap until we were in school full time- and if we didn't we had quiet time in our rooms until it was over. I learned I didn't need it- mommy needed it. Such is life- Hailyn is taking naps til she's in college:)

  2. OK you rock. People give me such a hard time because I still make Charlotte take naps. UM, she's not even THREE!! I most definitely continue naps until 5. I'm sorry the nap time is dwindling. Maybe an hour of quiet, don't-come-out-of-your-room-time?

  3. Oh my word, FIVE?! I will so try to make my child do this.

  4. Naps at 5! My boys stopped napping at 2 1/2!! Now I have to preface that with I like my kids to go to bed at reasonable hours like 8 pm. If they napped at all during the day bedtime was totally thrown off like 9 or usually ten o clock!! I treasure bedtime early to much to force naps for an hour or two a day. I tried with my younger one to keep naps longer but after a solid month of fighting the nap with him only actually succeeding maybe 2 to 3 times. I gave them up. I'm interested to see how it works for you little man. I know many with girls that are able to have them nap longer but only a very small handful with boys that get them to nap when they are that old:)
    Suggestion: whether this is good parenting or not. I do initiate quiet time in their room. We're they are allowed to watch a movie in their respected rooms and play quietly but must stay in their rooms for the 1 1/2 hours. Helps on those unbearable days.

  5. I will CRY when my girls give up naps, even if they are five, I think. It sounds like they might have some concept of the "quiet time" thing though...maybe you can keep that up?

    I am only home for nap time with the girls on weekends, of course, but I nap probably 90% of the time they do, so I do tell them that I am ready for MY nap! : )