Turns Out I'm A Birthday Squasher

The twins' birthday is approaching... speedily. I've already nixed the idea of a kid-party. I am... just not ready for that level of crazy yet. Plus, my kids have a very limited pool of friends. I mean, they have friends here and there, they talk about kids at preschool, but I do not know them at all- nor their families. I am not ready to get into all that. So no slew of five year olds running around my house. NO SIRS.

Basically, I'm bringing cake and presents along to our weekly family dinners at my parent's house. This seems like a total cop-out, but I've made my peace with it. (I am not supermom, and I'm ok with that!)

However! There is the issue of preschool. One week the girls were sent home with a cupcake. Through the conversation, (with two very amped up girls) I found it had been one of the other preschool kid's birthday. I brushed it off; My girls' birthday is on a non-preschool day. Crisis averted, no?

Except that the girls kept coming home with assorted baked goods- again, other kid's birthdays. Upon asking my very own Emily Post, (my mom) I still need to bring my own baked goodies for the preschool crowd (about 40 kids) for the twin's birthday.

I do not like this. I mean really, WHY MUST WE DO THIS?

I consider myself a busy woman, and this seems really silly. Like a social custom we should have all shunned by now. Especially with the potential for crazy, insane food allergies that I am not aware of? So, yeah... I am dragging my heels on bringing special treats to preschool.

It's not that I don't want my kids to feel super-special on their birthdays... I just don't want it to be something that stresses ME out too much.

It will be a fun day (more like weekend) because it will have the top things a kid wants on their birthday: (1) CAKE and (2) PRESENTS. AmIright?


  1. SIMPLE!!! Sams club cupcakes done and done!!! Kids dont care about homemade/store bought they want sugar and thats that!!!

  2. I don't think you have to do this. As a teacher, when a parent tells me they will not be sending in cupcakes because they are celebrating at home I breath a sigh of relief. Teaching little ones revved up on sugar is not fun. If the girls are requesting it that is a different story but if you are doing it just because it is the thing to do... stop the cupcake madness!

  3. Thank you, Rachel for the teacher's perspective! See, other parents! Stop the cupcake madness!