Hurry, Before I Get Sappy

The girls officially turn 5 today. Someone get me a stiff drink.

Before I get into all THAT...

Grandma, knowing how much Little Man likes buttons, and pushing buttons, and talking about buttons, got him a little consolation gift while the girls tore open their birthday haul. The toy phone has a couple voices, and one struck me as rather... odd.

"Hi! I'm Firefighter Bob! And I have a spotted dog."

Go ahead and read that line aloud. A spotted dog. He has one. Does it sound dirty to anyone else? Just me? Fine.

Blurry picture... he will not stay still with his "buttons." 

Also? This happened this morning: 

Squirt: "Mommy? Do I get to stay five?"

Me: "Yes, you can stay five." 

Squirt: "Oh, good. Can I have a wedding now?"

Me: "No, you cannot get married... at five." 


  1. FIVE?! Say it isn't so! Happy Birthday to your big girls! : )

  2. TODAY!!!! TODAY!!!! YAY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!! I hope you all have an amazingly WONDERFUL day today!!!!!! and I love that the firefighter is the perv...bahahaha this is funny on SO many levels!! hehehe! enjoy your day today!!! cant wait to see yall soon!!!!:)