This One... And Her Pee

To her credit, she had been telling us it hurt when she peed. However, she often tells us her tummy hurts when all she has left on her plate is vegetables. So her credibility has taken a hit in recent months. 

And her story seemed to change from day to day. I was keeping an eye on her... a skeptical eye. 

Until this morning when she refused to eat, drink, or quite frankly, walk. That got my attention. (although at the back of my mind I kinda thought the theatrics was a bid for extra attention) With symptoms like those, I could at least rationalize a call to the pediatrician. 

Of course, they wanted her to come in... and could I be there in thirty minutes? To the "other" office that I had never previously been to? 

Oh, sure!


Long story short: I have amazing friends who will take two out of three at the drop of a hat, and  one who is on antibiotics for a urine tract infection. 


Cue the cranberry juice.


  1. Just glad she's ok!!!! Poor girl it's hard to know when the are serious!! and no worries about the not blogging ideas- it's jan and I haven't blogged in months mainly because I cant think of anything to write- so hang in there- plus you are dealing with STRESS and it took me like two years to get it together after we moved ect so cut yourself some major slack!!!

  2. PS your kids are amazing and wonderful... :)