The Answer is Croquet

The great game of croquet (yes, you can say that to yourself in any kind of accent you wish- it works) was a big part of my memories growing up. It just wasn't a proper family BBQ if there was not a serious game of croquet going on in the background. For those of you who don't know what croquet is: Google it, it's hard to explain without a mallet, some wickets, and big heavy balls (don't get weird on me) ...except that it is awesome. And I love it. And it astonishes me how few people are familiar with it.

Exactly how we acquired a croquet set in the first place is a little hazy. I am guessing it was one of my Dad's famous impulse-Costco-buys. However, that same set still sits on the back porch of my parent's house. Yes, it is pretty dilapidated, one of the mallet handles has been replaced by a... something my Dad cobbled up to fit snugly into the hammer part, (he's amazing, my Dad) and we still break it out every once in a while.

Ever since Dad randomly brought home a game that- to this day- only select people know how to play, I have held the game close to my heart. So many blissful memories revolve around the game. Memories like the day I got my very first bra and wore it awkwardly at the family picnic. (sorry you had to read that, Dad) That new bra killed my croquet game, I lost miserably as I was too uncomfortable to concentrate. That being the only reason I would lose at a game of croquet... or at least admit to defeat openly like this.

Our home has never felt quite right without a croquet set. And last year I was determined to change that. It is difficult to find a good croquet set outside the aisles of warehouse stores, especially in the winter, when no one is prone to having a cook out in their yard. Lucky for me, Melissa and Doug yielded just the solution: The "Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Croquet Set."

I do enjoy a good game of croquet in the morning. 

I just love that face: "yeah, I'm just gonna sink the ball into that wicket..." 

Now our family is complete, two girls, one boy, and a croquet set. If I were you, I would run out to the nearest Costco (the version circa 1995) and pick yourself up a croquet set. Learn how to play- it's totally easy-ish. (have you any questions, ask me) Make some lovely family memories! (and don't ask why your tweenage daughter is scratching her back with the business-end of a mallet- Now that I've over-shared, yet again) 

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  1. WE use to play croquet growing up too!!!I thought it was just us!!! We are coming over for a match- I need Hailyn to learn and I plan on picking up a set myself- when we have grass in the backyard... ahhh rentals...