Some Mumblings About Sewing

Crafty Self: You need a sewing project. Look at your sewing machine; all threaded up and it's got nowhere to go.

Hey! You could so make that! It says "cheater" right there in the headline. It looks simple enough! Go find that fabric! And start quilting- it's probably just like making pillowcases!

Pessimistic Self: Um... do you realize you just bought almost $200 of FABRIC?

Crafty Self: It may be fabric now, but it will be quilts for the children soon! (got this for the boy, and this for the twins- yes, I'll be making a baby quilt and TWO bed-sized quilts- just so we're clear)

Pessimistic Self: And we're confident about this?

Crafty Self: Of course! What could possibly go wrong? There's an online tutorial and everything!

Pessimistic Self: You could find out it is actually way above your beginner (is there a level below beginner? That would more aptly describe where you are) skill level? And then you'll have two hundred dollars in fabric gathering dust in your closet.

Crafty Self: Too late! Already paid for it!

Pessimistic Self: Crap. We're screwed.

On the brighter side, I was doing laundry and noticed that one of the hamper liners had a hole (yes, I am admitting to routinely washing the liners of my laundry hampers here) and by golly! I walked two steps, turned on the sewing machine, AND FIXED IT. There are no words to describe that feeling... like the Visa commercial says "Priceless." I may not be completing a major-serious-for-real-sewing-project, but if all I can do is mend my laundry hamper liners? I will still be pleased with myself.


  1. CANT WAIT to see your crafty quilts!!! YAY!!!! and I remember fixing a seam in a pair of pants or something and feeling amazingly glorious about it! SO I HEAR you and kudos on washing the liners of your hampers- that's pretty amazing:)

  2. I have that same conversation with myself! I better listen to the good voice...Good luck!!!