Behold, I have Scrapbooked

At the end of the year, and I mean two days before the new year, I finished all my scrapbook pages for the entire year. So yes, GOLD STAR FOR ME. 

It was a process, going through each month's picture folder, sorting through the zillions of pictures, and selecting the ones I wanted to highlight. The hours spent were worth it because... SEE HERE: 

Every year I compile a page that includes a picture each month, for all twelve months for each of my kids. It's cool to see how much they've grown- or how much they've stayed the same. 
I am expecting my layouts to arrive at my doorstep any day now. I will slide them in their little page protectors and PRESTO! The year in scrapbooks- done. Can I rub that in a little bit more? I AM CURRENT ON MY SCRAPBOOKING, BWAHAHAHA. 

The only way this is possible is through digital scrapbooking; which can be as easy as dragging and dropping pictures into a box. And as customizable as I want it to be. Now I'm sounding like an infomercial- Studio J cannot make julienne fries- just really awesome, high quality layouts from my computer, without having to have any supplies, papers, or printed pictures. I make up some layouts, hit "buy," and the finished product (along with the jpeg files- and page protectors) ship out to me in the mail. 

Being a good mother: made simple. 

Oh! And if you'd like to dabble, here's the place to do it. It's free to try it out, just create an acct and upload your photos. 

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  1. Wow -- you are a tough act to follow! A complete year times three kids. Amazing.

    Love the layouts, too! Good job (despite your evil laughter) LOL