And Then They Were Five

I've written more than a few versions of this post. The big birthday post from Monday. However, nothing seemed just right. I have to admit it was not a great day for me, I've been in a bit of a dark spot as of late. All the hype leading up to Christmas, then birthdays... and well, I am just plain stressed out. So let's gloss over that unpleasantness, and go straight to some freshly minted five year olds:

The idea that we have been on a five year journey with these two amazing girls, it simply pauses my breath for a minute. We're eternally lucky to have these little personalities grace our lives. Even on the days when it feels like their trying to kill me- I will always love these the two without end. 

I could do the traditional [insert old baby picture here] post, but they're FIVE! I don't feel like they are my babies anymore. They're so much more than that now. We're passed bottles, diapers, crawling, first steps, binkies, potty training. It seems, at least to me, that we've stepped into a whole new chapter of life with the girls, one full of so much more than just "taking care" of them, but getting to know them. And I'm thrilled to see where FIVE takes us. 

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  1. AWWWW how sweet- The girls told me today they had a BIG cake at grandmas!!! LOVE it!! They are the sweetest kids!!!