Food Service and Children

I'm not saying being a food service employee is easy. I'm sure it's a very demanding job, involving truly cringeworthy people, and little to no respect. My sympathies.

However, I feel like I need to give the general waiter/waitress a few pointers on how to deal with customers with small children. If they ever want a decent tip from me, anyway.

#1- Don't keep us waiting. Kids have an internal timer, and when it expires, the whole restaurant will pay. Since we eat on the early side: 11am lunches and 5pm dinners, this shouldn't be too difficult to pull off. Let the old people wait a little bit. Waiting for the early bird special or at the pearly gates... what's the difference, really? If you, my waitress disappear, I will consider dining and dashing. I should not have to wait half an hour for the check.

If we have to break out the apps, we've been waiting too long.

#2- Always ask if a highchair or booster seat is needed; Never assume. Also- are booster seats really that safe when used on a booth seat?! That situation seems sketchy to me. There are straps, that I'm assuming are meant for actual chairs... but the booth seat. That hunk of plastic my kid is perched on? Well, it's sliding all over the place- this seems dangerous.

This child has been waiting too long for mac & cheese. Watch out- he bites.

#3- All cups given to small children should have lids. No lid means THERE WILL BE liquid covering this whole table by the time we leave. I don't like this fact any more than you do, but there it is: no less true. LIDS! GIVE ME LIDS!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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  1. I see you are at Red Robin. I always get the worst service there. Last time we waited so long for the check and Aidan was not having it!