Never Forget the 'Ruche

Something (one of the many somethings) I never want to forget: The way Squirt says "cockaroach." 

Yes, I know. One of the most disgusting words I can think of. 

Squirt makes the word 100% better- just in her pronunciation.

Say it with me: Cock-a-Ruche.

Like ruching

Sometimes she gets fancy and emphasizes the "oooh." Cock-a-Roooooche!

Just one of the many, many adorable things I hope she never outgrows, and will always dwell in a soft little corner of my memory. 


  1. hahahaha....whenever I see bug in the house the first thing that comes to mind is "buugggggieeee". I may not always say it out loud because that may cause mass panic, but I can guarantee that my mind is screaming it like a little girl!

  2. I love the pics of Squirt. So cute.

  3. Ha! Norah said "crotch-roach." I much prefer rouch to a crotch. So cute!