Chandeliers for Kids

What is a pretty pink girls room without a delicate chandelier hanging from the ceiling? Since I gravitate towards the ceiling fan (functional!) and we're renting, the girls have not had a proper crystal chandelier... oh how deprived these children are!

Wandering through the aisles of Target one day I happened upon a chandelier making kit. On sale. For ten bucks. Naturally, two new soon-to-be-birthday-presents landed in my cart. Part of the "Pop Art Pixies" line, I couldn't find the exact kit, but here's another item from the line. It's all made of plastic, and the kids could (assumably) color on the little mirrored circles to make it unique and fun. Seemed like a homerun for Mommy. CRAFTING TIME!

I was glad that motherly intuition prompted me to peek at the instructions during naps, already having touted the fun chandelier-making-after-naps-activity.  Turns out, this is not a project for the younger audience- no, more like tweens? Full-on teenaged girls?

It took me, a woman of some years, four hours (and more than a little swearing) to assemble two chandeliers. It is a bonus that the penned-in designs can be rubbed off, but do you know the consequences of such a thing when assembling hundreds of tiny mirrors together with equally tiny hooks? You wipe off half the designs, and pray for death to come quickly. However! The results of the intensive labor are kinda awesome:

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  1. LOVE them!!! And I would have a hard time assembling said chandeliers to tweens- hmm I don't have the capabilities- they look AWESOME!!! H may need one:)