It's Not Parenting Until Furniture is Ruined

After a long day, I was more than ready to slip into the warm embrace of my blankets and drift into a glorious eight hours of not being sassed by my twins. The mouthing off has been increasing at an alarming rate these days. Clearly my girls don't understand the whole naughty/nice aspect of Santa Claus. I have heard more "I hate you Mama!" and "I said you do it NOW Mama!" than I'd like to remember.

Basically, I was beat. There is only so much "Hey! I am the boss around here!" that one person can holler before that person (me) needs some serious sleep.

It is at this moment that I notice an errant pen on my nightstand... accompanied by THIS-

From what I can gather, this is a picture of the sun (or a spider) and the letter A carved into the finish of my nightstand. I would have been a little less perturbed had it been the random scribblings of my almost-two year old.  That would have been understandable- I shouldn't have left a pen out. 

But my knows-better-practically-five year olds?! UNACCEPTABLE! 

Let me tell you, it's hard to drift off to sleep when you're furious... and  furniture is totally ruined. 


  1. Jake put a "X" on my ottomon last week. GRRRR I still can't talk about it without fuming!

  2. But now you have a good reason to refinish it! :)