My Mind Goes To Cancer

As I put Bunny to bed, I take her glasses off and sweep her bangs aside to give her a kiss on the forehead before dashing down the stairs for my two hours of alone time with The Husband. But this night was different, because as I swept her hair away I noticed a knot under the skin just above her eyelid, hiding in her brow. It was hard to the touch, and as I looked at it closely under the light I began to panic.

My "mother's intuition" goes straight to "it's a tumor! PANIC!"

One pediatrician's visit later, and she has a cyst. It should go away with massage and heat therapy. It could possibly need to be surgically removed, but it is not a huge deal and should not grow any larger.

At the end of the visit I felt like a dunce pushing the red nuclear meltdown button.

We're keeping an eye on the cyst situation. However, during the freakout period/panic attack, I somehow contracted a rather gnarly cold. I may be quarantined for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to us all.

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