If I Were To Reinvent Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. I do enjoy the sentiment, reminding ourselves what we are thankful for- all the blessings in our lives. However the traditional fare of Thanksgiving? Blech. It is lovely to gather together as a family over a meal, but we do that every Sunday anyway. Bringing out the fine china, the only handwashable china. Well that just seems like a lot of work to me.

So I've never looked forward to the actual Thanksgiving day. Turkey is Chicken's gross step-cousin, and the rest of Thanksgiving's band of brothers are mostly just as unappetizing. All I have seen throughout the internet these days are a slew of quite elaborate Thanksgiving menus. If I were ever given free reign of Thanksgiving, I would probably compile a motley menu including chips and salsa, my favorite tacos, smoothies, and lots of salads. Probably even an apple salad. You know, stuff I actually like to eat on a fairly regular basis.

If a gun were put to my head to include turkey in the lineup, I would probably make it into Turkey Nachos.

Some other things you should know about me: if I were to find any improvement on any given recipe, it would be the addition of one or more of the following list of my favorite ingredients.

- black olives; sliced
- Heinz 57 Sauce
- Pepper
- Shredded Cheese
- Red Pepper Flakes

I do not doubt the existence of a recipe including all three of these ingredients. I will eventually find such a recipe in all the glory of Indiana Jones finding the Goblet of Fire... or the Lost Ark...

So there you have my culinary opinions re: Thanksgiving.


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