My Butt is Feeling Bad for the Rest of Me

This morning I woke up and my butt was sore. Like really sore. It felt like I'd been to the gym... doing gluteal crunches, or whatever such nonsense fit people do at the gym. (I should tell you, I have not stepped foot in a gym in like, ten years) My butt muscles are so sore! Is this more than you'd ever want to talk about my butt? Ok, let's go for more:

I tried to think back to the day before, did I go up a lot of stairs? Sheesh! It feels like I'd taken the stairs to the top of the world's tallest skyscraper. Was I somehow caught in a Step-aerobics marathon in my sleep? (I WISH sleepwalking worked THAT WAY!)

What I really did yesterday was a lot of sitting around, then making cookies, then eating said cookies. My butt felt fine then! Getting out of bed was rough, walking down the stairs was painful, sitting on my cushy chair was still uncomfortable.

At a loss for scientific, solid answers, I decided that the chaos of my life lately has been literally, non-metaphorically, KICKING MY BUTT.

... And now it is SORE.

I believe the lesson here? Watch 'yer butts.

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  1. its cus you get yer butt in gear when a friend calls you last minute needing help desperately:) haha!