Skipping Naps on Picture Day

The one day I needed everybody to be rested and happy, Little Man totally freaks out and doesn't get any semblance of a nap in. It was picture day. For my nice, pretty Christmas cards I was dreaming of sending out.

All I got from him is this: 

Happy Freakin' Holidays Already! Now leave me and my back problem alone! 

Little Man: Thwarting my holiday card plans one napless day at a time.

All was not lost, however. I got holiday card GOLD from the twins: 

Sooo.... holiday cards with just the girls? No cards at all? Throw in a cranky Little Guy too? 
Verdicts, please! 

A big thanks to Lauren at LaLaPhotography for putting up with my kids while hauling a heavy camera and squeaky toy behind her back. 

What to do, what to do. 


  1. Pictures are BEAUTIFUL! CARDS! And take little man's- its cute and ya know- a typical personality of a two year old (almost) and HILARIOUS! it's a sweet picture! DO IT!

  2. Great pictures! Can you get a decent, usable picture of the little man later this week maybe? If not, I say use that one...it's life!