Ugly Plaid

Personal Fact:

If my kids are dressed in ugly clothes, I have failed as a parent.

This is true.

... at least it feels true... to me. 

And that is why I spent the majority of naptime scouring the internet for Little Man clothes. You see, Little Man needs some button down shirts... for when he needs to be a little dressier than a hoodie. I have found myself at odds with today's fashion sensibilities. There seems to be quite the abundance of ugly plaid these days!

Ow! My eyes!

The 90's called... they want the couch you robbed this fabric from back.

Not even Tea Collection is immune to the ugly plaid! (they also enjoy the non-snag-able images!) Heaven help us all! 

Ewww!  Poopy plaid!

My poor baby, we'll just have to wait it out and hope this particular fad recoils back to the dark, damp corner from whence it came. I just hope we have enough of a wardrobe to get you through these most troublesome times.

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