Self Diagnosis

Wanna hear about my Thanksgiving? I know you do.

So I had a brilliant plan to have The Husband get "a little snip" (wink, wink) over his week off. Recovery time over Turkey! Brilliant!

Not so brilliant.

Especially since the day of his surgery, I came down with what was a cold that turned into bronchitis. (I'm self diagnosing as I simply do not have the patience for holiday urgent care waiting rooms- I will hack and cough away from the comfort of my own bed- thankyouverymuch) Being the primary care giver of three children (who are also in varying stages of the same ailment as I) and a husband with a bag of frozen peas between his legs while being sick as a freaking dog? Well I'm not one to whine, (HA) but it sucks.

So that is why I have not posted the pictures I didn't take at Turkey Day Dinner yet. (sneeze)

I need more Kleenex.

Hope your holiday was merrier than mine.


  1. What a week! I like your timing of the snip. I'll have to do the same if I can ever talk my husband into making the appointment.

  2. Booo! So sorry you were both under the weather over the holiday. Hope you have a much better week!