So Preschool... Happened

I am kicking myself for not doing the whole first-day-of-preschool (do you realize how easy it is to misspell "first" like "fist"? Fist preschool- I am laughing. I am clearly sleep deprived... keep reading for the deets) because the events post-preschool really painted the day in a rather negative picture in which I cannot shake.

I was anxious in the morning because a) this is a big step for the girls, and that's exciting, followed quickly by b) this is going to rob me of any perceived flexibility I have in my day. (yes, everything must be about me)

The girls were clearly ripe with anticipation as they behaved like complete and utter monkeys escaped from the zoo during breakfast time, and I had to resort to threatening "no school," and everyone involved knew just what an idle threat that was. Preschool was paid for... and they were driving me batty... they were GOING.

I dropped them off, and was taken aback by all the kids! and their extended families! and the picture taking! I sat them in a chair playing with little froggies and bolted. They had a great time, getting (so far unwashable) paint all over their adorable first-day-of-preschool dresses. Note to self: It will be grunge-time at preschool from now on

That afternoon, while the kids all took a much-needed, much-protested nap, Peaches (the slightly less-psychotic of the dog duo) started pooping all over the place, and there was blood. Then she started vomiting at an alarming rate, and this all lead to me driving like a bat out of hell with all the kids, past everyone's bedtime, to the vet. Where we proceeded to spend ridiculous amounts of money on tests that we have yet to find the results of. So that was... the suck. 

There's also a couple unbloggable, but even more alarming developments going on that kept me up late last night with what I'm assuming is ulcer-related ridiculousness. 

And to top the sundae off with a cherry, the weather changed DRASTICALLY, as in a 20 degree drop or something? And I woke up at 4 am, going through the house, turning off the fans, blanketing the cold children, and rummaging around in the dark for a sweater of my very own. 

DEFEATED, says I. 

But hey, there is still plenty of cuteness going on around here: 

Thanks for the picture indulgence. Now we start day 2 of getting the troops ready for preschool. Running off of... say, 3 hours sleep. I apologize in advance for my haggard (although happily hoodie-d) appearance.


  1. Yay for preschool!! I bet they will love it. Sorry the rest of the day was crap (no pun intended!).

    I am constantly amazed that my girls have never come home from MDO with any kind of paint or marker on them. And yet, they fingerpaint all the time?? I have to wonder what kind of awesome paint those teachers are using.

  2. I think its great they have started preschool and that they are so excited about it! They are going to be fabulous and you get a few hours with two less screeching children around. (Not that your girls screech, no, never.)

  3. no luck on the paint? sad- those dresses are ADORABLE! yeah, kid clothes at preschool MUST be grunge- totally agree:) sad about Peaches- hope all is figured out there- we understand about ridiculous amounts of money on the dog- which is why the dogs have a new home- sad but true:( and YAY for them loving preschool! ALSO yes about the cold weather- h and I had rough nights waking up shivering- bananas