Fast TImes

Well, it has been a very busy week. The routine of preschool has, as expected, jumbled my schedule up. As evidenced by a lack of full hair-washing-shower on my part for three whole days. This is definitely going to be a CHANGE.

However, now on the first non-preschool day I am sitting in my kitchen staring at the clock asking myself just what I plan on doing with all three kids all day. It did not help that everyone woke up a full hour earlier than normal. The day, at 9:30, is already seeming exceptionally long.

As for the girls, they love school. (no surprise) Although every night I would tell them they had school the next day, it constantly came by surprise. At one point Bunny stomped her foot and exclaimed "That's enough school! We did school yesterday..." As if after two whole days of school, they have learned everything there is to know.

I am becoming acutely aware at how much their little minds are soaking up the new preschool experience. They are using different words, like telling me we should "go to the market" to get more juice. And Little Man is not "too small" for school, he is "too young."

When the girls awoke, (again, an HOUR EARLY) the announcement that school would not happen today was met with dramatic, soap-opera-quality sadness.

The houligans have been running wild through my house ever since. I corralled them upstairs, where a game of "lets-pretend-there's-scary-thunder-outside" broke out:


HOLD ME! I'm scared!

Hurry! Let's go hide in the closet! 

Replay scene over and over again...

Also, the thing with Peaches is not really resolved either. After lots of tests, we don't have conclusive answers. There is some irritation and thickening of her bowels, but we don't know why. She's on a new (extra gross) diet of prescription canned stuff that assaults my sense of smell quite violently. She is no longer vomitting or pooping blood... so I am left yet again wondering if something really IS wrong with her. (could pooping blood really just be a fluke? It seems pretty alarming at the time!) 

So... dogs. I would advise against them. 

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