The Bed Wetting: My Nightmare Begins

It all started about a week ago. Squirt was outside playing with the kitty (they don't do anything else these days; it's all kitty, all the time) and then... out of nowhere: a large puddle under her feet. I assumed she was just having too much fun to bother with coming inside and pottying- not when kitty fun was to be had.

That weekend, both girls had very lowgrade fevers- 99.8. My pediatrician does not even acknowledge this as an issue. The nurse has, on multiple occasions, chastized me that "it's not a 'fever' until it's over 101." (fine, whatever) She also wet the carpet- we wrote this off because Bunny was occupying the downstairs loo at the time, just a matter of bad timing, right?

Then Squirt started waking up to soaked sheets. It started happening during naptime too.  Every morning, every naptime. I began to get suspicious, as I threw yet another load of soiled sheets into the washer.

After exhausting myself washing and re-sheeting the bed, I called the pediatrician and got Squirt in for a urine culture. The quickest doctor's appointment I've ever had: urine was perfectly fine! So... what is going on in her home-life? This is a "regression." I was given orders to potty her every two hours and withhold liquids 3 hrs. prior to bedtime.

I left utterly defeated.

Both girls have been firmly- and I mean FIRMLY- potty trained for at least an entire year! It was a trial in which I do not wish to experience again. So I reviewed the "home life situation:" We moved into a new house, but that was about 4 months ago. They start preschool, but not until Tuesday. I don't see any huge change or disruption in her "home life." (that phrase is freaking me out, like she's going through some incredible trauma that I am completely unaware of)

I'm watching her fluid intake, however I'm not really taking her to the bathroom every two hours- I know my Squirt- that kind of attention would turn her to refusing to go potty entirely. But I am keeping an eye on the situation. Oddly, Bunny has been dry this whole time! She continues to do just fine and wake up dry.

So we're at a loss. Help me, internet! Has your firmly potty trained four-almost-five-year-old started up with this bed wetting out of nowhere? I am most certainly not going back to Pull Ups. I gave away all the Pull Ups we owned, and am not bringing them back into this house again. I AM DONE WITH THAT NONSENSE! Thank you in advance, internet, for consoling me.

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