The No Preschool Blues

The twins did not have preschool yesterday as the schools are closed for the "holiday." (Halloween "just happens" to fall on our state independence day or whatever) I have become quite accustomed to not having to handle all three kids, all day, for two days in a row. It's just about killing me.

It's leaving me to wonder- HEY! Halloween is on MONDAY. And yet the entire school district is taking a four day weekend- none of which falls on Monday. I'm looking around at all these kids playing in the street on a Thursday afternoon and it... just seems so wrong! You grubby kids should all be in school right now! (Instead of loudly playing basketball in the street- making such a racket it wakes up everybody from naps)

Also- JUST WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THESE KIDS ALL DAY? How did I survive before we started preschool? (three weeks ago- yes, I am aware how ridiculous this sounds)

Question to homeschoolers- WHY? Am I a rotten parent for wanting dedicated, scheduled, absolutely-happening blocks of my day without some (or all) of my children? (Answer: yes)

Hark! I hear children fighting over toys. Joy.

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  1. I just want you to know that even though I don't comment very often, your blog cracks me up. I always read your posts aloud to George too and we laugh so hard! He and I seriously think you should write a book. Maybe when all 3 kids are in school for a full 6 hours a day? ;)