Halloween is Hitting Us with a Baseball Bat

First of all, let's start off with a rousing game of "I Spy with my Little Eye/Squishy, Super-Sensitive Foot Arch"

I give you my rug: 

Guess who will be limping around the block trolling for candy tonight? 

Camouflage Duplos? Is this really necessary? I am starting a petition: Building blocks should come in only eye-searingly-florescent colors, all other, muted colors are to be BANNED. This would cut down on the grizzly foot injuries; Really, I do it because I care about everyone's welfare. I'm a PHILANTHROPIST.

Secondly! Halloween weekend has been busy, and I've been trying to order the chaos in my mind, making complicated lists of activities/chores I am to get done. Well, one thing that slipped? The girls' school party on Tuesday. Because, well... it's on TUESDAY. That seemed like a million miles away. Until it wasn't, and I am expected to show up tomorrow morning with a wheelbarrow full of cookies. I am baking said cookies right now- and really, if they do not come out all amazingly awesome, I'm going to have to go BACK to the store (we were just there this morning picking up cookie-making-supplies) and show up with my "stay at home mom" tail between my legs toting plastic containers full of store-bought-cookies... THE SHAME. 

Thirdly! My kids know trick or treating is happening tonight. And they are daring me to keep them from it. The sassiness! The screaming! Nobody DESERVES to go trick or treating tonight... but they are calling my bluff. Dangit. 

Fourthly! I woke up this morning to find a large lake seeping out of the cabinet under my sink. At this, I just about burst into tears. I do not have time for plumbing drama. And I miss using my sink. 

Fifthly! Mind warping cramps do not help my mood or ability to cope with this day. I will be going trick or treating as the scariest of all monsters... the most terrifying creature in all the land... The Stay at Home Mother with Three Small Children. Avert your eyes... it is going to be truly frightening. 

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  1. I barely made it yesterday- I got four hours of sleep total two nights in a row and had a massive heaadache and was MAJORLY preggo sick- and hailyn chopping at the bit to leave the house at 4pm- ugh! so we left 530 and crashed a neighbors party (they had kiddie games and were nice enough to let us hang out) and then trick or treated at a FEW houses and were done at 7- no joke I was wiped and barely made it to bed- I hear ya- and the sugar overload- YAOZA! and the DAAY AFTER HALLWEEN party? oh my- I wouldv high tailed it to the store this morning and got halloween cookies on clearance- yup I am that mom- kids have enough sugar already right? and yes no camoflauge blocks- ugh! call me a haloween scrouge- it was fun jut wished hailyn and I felt better:( lame