It's Halloween Time

Little kids' Halloween costumes increase the child's cuteness by 100%. Until they grow older and insist on being something gross like a vampire or werewolf. But that's what boarding school is for, right? The awkward tween years?

Little Man just barely fit into his costume I bought a couple months ago. (whew!)  He is a big fan of the glow-in-the-dark feature.

Please refrain from munching on those cheeks- I call dibs.

An unexpected serendipity of the girls' strawberry costumes? People thought I made them- BY HAND. HA! Totally bought them at Old Navy. 

It isn't even Halloween and we already have enough candy to bribe our way until Easter. Awesome.

Sweet. Now I'm going to go plunder their buckets for stray Milky Way bars. Shssssh- be cool.


  1. Ha! I planned to make Ella's costume but then I was at Old Navy yesterday and the monkey costume was $4.60. So. . . I bought it.

    I also bought that same little skeleton thing except it was pink instead of black. Because it was also $4.00

    (And I'll probably go make them price adjust it when the price drops even more next week. . . ).

  2. LOVE the costumes!!! may have to et a pink one for h! :) also I TOTALLY know you made the girls' costumes and slaved hours! they are super cute! and I'm with ya- I got hailyn's costume for $5 and it's adorable and well worth the $5 investment than to make one! CUTE CUTE CUTE! This may be the last year that I can get away with picking out her costume- I hope not but possibly.

  3. Those costumes are darling! Yay Old Navy! And you should total tell people you made 'em! :)

  4. Love the skeleton...can I buy it for you when Little Man is done with it? Already planning for next year.