Making Daddy Proud

I have found preschool to be quite the fickle mistress. On one hand, it gives us something "to do" in the mornings, gives me a much needed break from the constant questioning that is my four year olds, tires everybody out just in time for naps, and they may just be learning important stuff. (mostly the girls come home with stories of playing dress up, but I'm sure they're learning... something)

On the other hand? Our preschool is only an hour and a half. Oh, and I should mention it is a fifteen minute drive from our house. I should also mention that Little Man is the most difficult of the three when it comes to travel of any sort. (He's made it abundantly clear just how much he loathes the carseat)

What activities am I to do with a prickly toddler in that short amount of time?

Yesterday I tried the park. He refused to play on any of the slides or sit on the swings for longer than ten seconds. No- he wanted to... watch the maintenance workers on the baseball field:

Are you aware that the World Series of Baseball is on right now? Unless you have a husband who is rabidly obsessed with the sport, I don't see why you should- what a pleasant existence that must be. 

Unfortunately, my husband's team- the St. Louis Cardinals just HAD to make it into to playoffs this year and then CONTINUE on into the World Series. I have had to get creative with my DVR timers. As you may be unaware- BASEBALL PLAYS ALMOST EVERY NIGHT IN THE WEEK. 

Seriously! I am looking at the TV schedule and asking myself- Project Runway or The Office? WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO CHOOSE! It's like Sophie's Choice! 

I have had to resort to watching "my stories" on the computer. THE. COMPUTER. 

It's like being a second class citizen over at my house. I just pray this "love of baseball" is not genetic, or contagious. (think of the children!

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