Hey, You

I keep meaning to update the blog. And then... I don't.

This morning I wanted to post some pictures, but I'm also updating the ipod's os- and... 33 minutes! REALLY?

The Mac has the usb ports smooshed together, so I can't do both at the same time. And I just checked- 23 minutes remaining. That's just to download the update- not install it!

Dude- I just noticed Little Man trotting around, sipping on a half-empty juice pouch- a juice pouch I had thrown in the trash. I am thoroughly grossed out. If we don't contract a super-virus, it will be a miracle.

Also- the potty training regression of Squirt has taken a really weird turn. Last night, as she was washing the layers of dried spaghetti sauce off her hands, she completely wet herself- standing up- a ton of pee puddled around her. A mere six inches from the toilet. We are baffled.

That is all. Oooh! Only 18 more minutes!

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  1. bah!!! regression SUCKS! H is regressing- two poop accidents and two pee accidents today- OBVIOUSLY Itook away her pretty princess panties and tossed a boring (GENERIC thank you target) pullup on her behind- and she was crushed it wasn't a pretty princes son front- generic pullups is the way to go- sucks about squirt! lame! ugh! and baby boy is building up his antibodies:) haha and I cant wait to see pics! :) and I havent updated my blog in forever because well I have to upoad pics and that involves searching for the camera cord...