I Dwell Too Much on Laundry

This afternoon as I was folding laundry, a bejeweled plastic comb tumbled out of a pair of footie pajamas. Last week it was a stuffed birdie.

New laundry problem: Little Man tossing errant toys into the washer, each and every clothes hamper he has access to, and stray laundry baskets. I find having to pre-screen dirty clothes piles before dumping them into the wash to be... irksome. Do I need more work? Is it exciting to rummage through sticky applesauce pants to avoid running who-knows-what-toy through the wash?


So I'm talking about laundry, really because I've had a revelation. A revelation about laundry- one that I simply cannot believe has yet to be addressed. You see, I was offered to try out the new Bounce Dryer Bar, and I thought about it- I like my dryer sheets, they are fine, they make things smell lovely, and they do not bother me in the slightest. Until I started to think about the sheets themselves... they WORK. But what in the world do you DO with them once they are used? Do y'all throw each and every little sheet away? Is that even possible? I do a lot of laundry- (I think that is implied) and I have my suspicions: Used dryer sheets multiply like rabbits when left alone.

I walk into a room, and without hesitation, can pick up and throw away seven or more little dryer sheets, plunging them uselessly into the trashcan to which they simply float out by virtue of being made of nothing but air. The dryer sheets are everywhere, they migrate. They infiltrate every room and take over. It's bad enough to stumble over toy xylophones, slam dunk dirty socks into their hampers, but having to stare at a landscape of wispy, forlorn dryer sheets bumbling around the house like tumbleweeds? I draw the line there.

So I said yes to the Bounce Dryer Bar... because the bothersome sheets need to be stopped. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED.

And thanks to Bounce, for the opportunity to eliminate my mildly tempered rage.

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  1. I feel the SAME WAY about th bounce sheets- LOVE them but seriously I throw a million away a day- oiy! do you like the bar? I worry about forgetting to replace it.. any how let me know- we need to hang soon!