Remember When We Had Dreams?

People, I have been noticing something very unusual going on with my dreams. Highly suspicious, I say. I used to have dreams that involved things like flying toasters, and whacky hijinx. There may have been a heffalump or two.

Like when I was a kid, I would have this awesome recurring dream in which I was driving my parents car, while my pet hamster Lester (yes, I named my hamster Lester. I was a weird kid) navigate. He had a tough time re-folding the map. We drove all the way to Morocco. Those are the kinds of dreams I am used to having. Nonsensical whateveryness.

But lately? I am dreaming about planning on stripping and refinishing the dining room table! Or organizing a family photoshoot! Last night? Dreamt about backing up my computer files. Computer files! It's all very normal and mundane, there is nothing that flies. It could have just been another part of my awake-day. Then I wake up a little bit stressed out and think "Sheesh! I really SHOULD refinish the dining room table! And the black buffet cabinet, too!" And while we're at it, Little Man's chest of drawers we don't even use, but because I didn't want to sand, the paint on it is all icky. Except that I don't really want to refinish anything! 

My dreams are bossing me around! Making me feel guilty about NOT backing up my hard drive!

All I want to do at night is curl up between the sheets and start surfing on a wave of ice cream, for heaven's sake! When did my dreams become all adult (ewww, not in that way) and RESPONSIBLE?!

I'm tired, man!

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