This Is Not The Time

To worry about water conservation
(notice that "report water waste" section: squeal on your neighbors!)

I'm ready for summer to be over. When park visits don't automatically involve swimsuits and sunscreen.   I am not going to lie- I have been feverishly checking the school district's website; in desperate hope that suddenly, miraculously, the kindergarten cut off dates had been pushed back a couple months. The girls turn 5 in January, so we will be waiting yet another year before starting real school. (read: a blissful couple twin-free hours in which I can do things hampered by only one child) Maybe preschool will pan out this year, but I'm not holding my breath. 

I've also had this phrase lodged in my brain, I think about it multiple times a day: "Friends are the family you choose." How true are those words? I've been a terrible friend lately, holing myself in my own chaos. I tend to be more of an introvert. However, I am learning the value of a good bunch of Mommy friends. They are keeping me sane. I need more of them, in fact. I need to revive the friendships I once held dear. Facebooking a little "Hiya!" or "Happy Birthday" just doesn't cut the mustard! I need to talk to my friends in real life! I need their kids to come over and keep my kids from killing each other over a plastic shovel! I need someone who is in the thick of parenting to share war stories with! (Although some of my Twitter friends do give me more than a few chuckles a day in that regard)

Isolated and feeling alone is no way to live. (I know, that pearl of wisdom just blew you off your seat) 

Sometimes I feel a bit like the chick in this commercial! 

I have 687 friends! This is living!
I also read an article... well, I read the the majority of an article online...

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  1. WORD!!! Mommy friends make us sane- I have that quote in my house! I love that quote! If it makes you feel better- Hailyn misses the cut off by 9 freaking days- so yeah we have to wait a FULL on year- lame. Super lame. She probably wont even make it to kidnergarten here- whatever. Anyhow- I'm glad you live around the corner! and yes our kiddos need to play more- it was like not having a child...:) blissful play is the best!!:)