This Morning I...

- Went into a hysterical fit of rage when I found I had a voicemail at the crack of dawn with bad news that I had to send the same document for the FOURTH TIME IN A ROW... and this time "they" needed it before noon OR ELSE.

.... It was so bad, The Husband had to hug the girls and reassure them that "mommy is just mad at someone else, not at you. You are being good girls." The girls were crying... er, yeah. Not my finest moment.

- Have had to yell at Little Man every five minutes. He's either pulling on the drapes, climbing up the couch and onto the pony wall behind it, or snatching piles of documents he should not have been able to reach on the counter.

- Seriously need to get these kids out of the house.

- Had a brilliant idea: BABY STRAIGHTJACKET.

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  1. And that's why we have parks! and neighbors! yeah the call is no fun- being a grownup SUCKS sometimes!!! but all is wel with dino sandwiches and balloons!! :) love ya!