Portraits of The Boy

In repose:

The most elusive and rare of sights deserves an extra helping: 

Especially if you knew that being strapped into a carseat is the least favorite pastime of The Boy. It was glorious to have a quiet drive for once. 

The Boy, Naughty Climbing Edition:

If the iPod will not come to The Boy. The Boy will come to the iPod. 

Upon hearing that climbing the shelves were unacceptable, a protest was mounted:

Another foray into inappropriate heights... and plasma tv destruction:

The coffee table had been strategically positioned to avoid this constant problem: 

We will be seeking out alternative cabinet-locking mechanisms this morning. I am now prepared to drill into my favorite buffet/tv stand to bring the toddler-looting to an end.

The Boy and his favorite thing of all-time:

(the green carpet cleaner behind him) The Boy is a neat freak, constantly in search of a spot in the carpet for me to "fix." He is downright petrified of the whirring sound, so he watches from a safe distance until it is turned off. Then he insists on doing a second pass at the spot with the cleaner in the  "off" position. 

My dear adventurous boy, you scare the life out of me sometimes. You test the boundaries. You insist on exceptionally clean carpet. 

I love you anyway.


  1. It is amazing how much he climbs. He must drive you nuts. Crazy but so cute.

  2. Oh no! I need to figure out how to change my name so I don't come up as Ms. Michael. Forever a teacher...