I like big BEIGE and I cannot lie!

Over the weekend I was going through our empty old house and cleaning it up a bit, doing some patchwork with the paint, trying to make it look extra awesome and spectacular. As I touched up the paint in Little Man's nursery, I was thinking how much I just loved the color. How it had set off his crib bedding so nicely, the accents of electric turquoise popping exquisitely. I remembered an idea I'd come across on Pinterest:

As I may have mentioned a million times, I have a special place in my silly sentimental side for this house. I poured my heart into picking the perfect shade for each room, every picture was hung with a certain amount of... incessant eyeballing and serious face-making, every piece of furniture was in just the right place. It was, indeed my masterpiece-in-progress. (I never did get to flex my tiling muscle)

I decided to go ahead and pick up some stir sticks (if you sweet talk the paint mixer guy at the hardware store, he'll give them to you for free- instead of charging ten cents per stick) to make a reference for our next house.

I pulled out all the paint cans from their veritable hibernation. It was almost like Christmas morning, I found a completely full gallon of paint! (I will be painting the downstairs playroom when I get that crazy-painting-feeling)

I dipped the little sticks into each beautiful shade. Oooh! I remember how this color made the hall look so big and airy! Oooh! This one reflected the violent Laura Ashley pink accent wall in the girls' room! I found a couple buckets had sticky, goopy almost-dried paint at the bottom. I still dug out a bit and haphazardly smeared it down the stick- it looks terrible- but heck if I'm losing the perfect shade of Limoge Bathroom Blue!

I was feeling so proud of myself, I mean really! I actually DID something I saw on Pinterest! I should get a plaque. I let the sticks dry and came back for them later, I was semi-shocked to find this:


I like to think I have taste. Good taste, in fact. But the sticks just looked so... bland fanned out next to each other. I'm pretty sure if I held them up, The Husband would not even be able to tell they are snippets of different colors. But I painstakingly picked these colors from the mountains of paint swatches, (how FUN are THOSE?!) they weren't boring looking when placed in context of a room! 

I'll have to resign myself to my true self; my inner-beige-freak.  

In case you were curious, the other non-beige colors looked like this: 

Notice the gloppy mess of half-dried paint- Lovely. 

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  1. I worked hard picking out the colors for the house we are in now...only to realize that a lot of them are basically the same colors I spent months picking out for our last house!

    I have a co-worker who claims her favorite color is beige. She says it goes with everything, and yes, all her walls are beige. : )