Storage Room to Bath Room

I have been majorly stressed out. Not just a little bit. Seriously freaked out. I have had to make appointments with a slew of specialists that begin with "pediatric" and usually end with "-ologist." Let me tell you- there should be no need for a Pediatric Cardiologist. Or a Pediatric Neurologist. These professions simply shouldn't need to exist. The fact that they are all booked up for two months is also a reality I could use without. Eventually, I will stop sobbing and be able to write about it. Right now I can't. I just can't. (and no need to fear just yet- we have no definitive answers at this point- which is perhaps worse- or something. Prayers would be much appreciated, though!) All I've been doing is sitting. And thinking horribilizing. (my Daddy taught me well) Ben and Jerry have been instrumental in my brooding. But today, I stepped the freakout up a notch and unleashed my pent up frustration and worry out on what was previously the stuff-I-didn't-want-to-look-at graveyard. (also known as the spare bathroom)

I decided this morning, as I was taking a shower, that the girls had enough stuff strewn about my bathroom. When they were babies it was just easier to get everybody ready to go night night on our big bed. So they also took showers, I did their hair, and brushed their teeth in our bathroom. I'd had enough. They were about to get their own bathroom.

This tweak was going to involve new paint, a pink blowdryer, and a lot of sweat.

Before! (and this is after I cleaned out all the strewn junk!)
Notice the three mirrors- they are also getting a makeover. You may also notice the dead plant. It's just not home without a plant I have neglected. 


The girls were ecstatic. The Squirt declared it "pewtiful!" 
The actual painting took about 4 hours.
And I love how the mirrors turned out. If it's ugly- paint it white!

I am so glad to be rid of the builder white paint. My hatred for flat paint is borderline psychotic. This was also the last room that needed a good painting. Now what will I do when life becomes a crazy whirlwind of worry? Does a room in your house need a good layer of paint? I may be for hire later! 


  1. Looks great! Hope everything is okay.

  2. Where did you get the white shower curtian?

  3. Ummmm, benn trying to redo our kids' bathroom for like 2 years! We are at odds over a "theme" that is not too "themey." Come on over!

  4. Too cute! Love the wall color and the mirrors are darling with their fresh white paint.