Mistake # 4,813:

- Thinking I have any self restraint at all when it comes to the girls-

Mistake #4,814:

-Letting the twins pick out every detail of their newly decorated room-

Can I just go into a home store and walk out solely with the pair of extra sheets I set out to get? Apparently not! I decided right then and there in the store that I would be redecorating the twins' whole room. I literally let the kids have free reign. They picked out every single stitch and swatch of their new accomodations. 

When I put it all in one room, the pink burned my retinas. It is like a pink heffalump threw up in there. I think the girls like pink. They like it a lot. 

I must admit, the fluorescent green body form was too cute to resist. It may be my favorite piece. 

The girls picked the glittery, floral, butterfly art and growth chart. I'm glad we now have a chart. It's about time we got around to documenting their fleeting and speeding youth! 

(And the knitted applique detail on the quilts does have a sweet vintage-charm)

Also- at night, when we're doing the whole bedtime routine, the pink emanates like a radioactive glow down the hallway. So much pink. You can tell it is a 3 year old's aesthetic. It's hard for a modern, clean line loving momma like me to give the girls what they want.

For example: While looking for alternate bed solutions ::cough cough bunkbeds cough:: I found this beauty:

photos courtesy of roomandboard.com

I just about died. Things on ROLLING CASTERS?! Love. Love the sleek design. Love. I hastily emailed it to my Mom to get her opinion. (because I know exactly what The Husband's opinion would be; how much is it? And why do we need new beds, again?) She emailed me back with "screams jail cell to me!" (gah!) My kids are doomed to gravitate towards all things cottage and country forever. Curses.

Well, at least we've kept the licensed character doom at bay. That counts for something.


  1. OK- I'm so glad it's not just me. I hate character anything. I'm ok with movies and tv shows, but I prefer them to STAY on the screen, unless MAYBE they're dressing up for Halloween.... maybe. I will dodge characters for as long as I can for sure. PS- Love the girls room. It's so pretty and fun. It's like every girly girls dream room, seriously!

  2. the girls soo looks so cute! I like the idea of the roller casters but I am not a fan of no rail on the side- I have fallen off many a bunk beds and its no fun! LOVE th egreen body piece!! and the vintage bedspreads!

  3. I love the new room! Can they come decorate my bedroom? It needs some serious help!

  4. Oh Janssen! Thanks for the vote of confidence... you must admit that the pink girly-girl look is MUCH more befitting of my darling grand-daughters than the (cough) Jailer Look. Right??? I'm so proud of my grand-daughters taste.... a chip of the old block ("old" probably being the operative word, LOL)

  5. In my defense, I would certainly put rails on the bunk! The girls actually have rails now, but I took them off for pretty picture purposes.

    Add a pink wall and some frilly bedding, and it would look just as cute, take up less space, and IT ROLLS, people! IT ROLLS!